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We produce and sell high quality & innovative bathroom and shower drainage solutions such as stainless steel linear shower drains or cementous glue underfloor shower trays. Our greatest asset is price/quality ratio.


  • shower drains 
  • square gulleys 
  • shower bases 
  • shower outlets 
  • square wet room kits 
  • linear wet room kits 
  • backer boards 
  • sealing membranes 
  • insulation chemicals 
  • siphons for shower 
Siphon H+M

Siphon H+M

Ultra -Slim Siphon for shower drains and trays

Showerlay WIPER Line Zonda

Showerlay WIPER Line Zonda

Walk in shower tray with end linear drain. Former is available in three thicknesses, has 2% fall towards the drain, provides great acoustic insulation and is also lightweight while very strong.

Linear Drain WIPER Premium Slim Pure

Linear Drain WIPER Premium Slim Pure

The lowest profile wet room drainage type we offer. It's total height including waste trap is only 64 mm. Channel consists of flange and welded vertical frame. Modern design, slim grating and low space requirements are making it suitable and good looking in almost every shower.


What is shower drain? 

Shower drains manufactured by WIPER are made entirely of 304 stainless steel. It must be very leakproof to function well, so it is required to have as few separate parts as possible. In our offer, WIPER drains are built of only two elements - outflow (which after finishing the floor is not visible) and top cover. The outflow is made of one piece of stainless steel, properly folded and welded to form a complete drain with a flange. 30 mm wide steel flange and supplied sealing membrane are very useful especially in timber floors, although they are also suitable for concrete flooring. 304 stainless steel offers good corrosion resistance to both chemical and atmospheric exposures, with a high resistance to oxidation. Each drain model is available in sizes from 500 to 1200mm, which gives a lot of flexibility with the installation of your wet room. It is possible to make a special drain up to 2 meters. Above this length we offer a special connection system.


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01069 Dresden

Horoch Witold
电话: +49 176 75874565

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